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The enchantment and beauty of an ancient farm in the Dolomites, today. Two women and family hospitality that goes beyond generations.

Alta Badia, Dolomites

Good and special

Everyone at the table

The Stube del Lüch de Costa in Alta Badia

Lüch de Costa is a gluttonous House, that dispenses delicacies not only in the early mornings with breakfasts of the highest quality, but also during the aperitifs that Ingrid and her staff organise at the request of the guest. Not forgetting those special moments that taste of barbecue in summer and mulled wine in winter.

Italian breakfast

When the morning tastes good

It is a must to start the day well at Lüch de Costa. And every day, guests find sweet and savoury food served in the breakfast room as a buffet with fresh, genuine and local products. The eggs are freshly prepared and the smile never fails.

Cocktails at Lüch de Costa

More than just Spritz

Ingrid and her staff love to organise aperitifs for guests based on carefully selected regional wines accompanied by authentic delicacies to be enjoyed in the wellness area, on the terrace, or in the apartment with a view of the Dolomites. Vives!

Table set in the high mountains - Dolomites

Special moments

In summer, the staff of Lüch de Costa organises fantastic barbecues in a dreamlike hut. In winter, on the other hand, a good, mulled wine and accompanying party is never lacking. Yes, the spoilt guest is a blessed guest.

Tradition in Lüch de Costa
Hut of the Lüch de Costa in the Dolomites
Breakfast at Lüch de Costa in Alta Badia
The Stube of the Lüch de Costa
Hut Lüch de Costa
Breakfast room at Lüch de Costa in Alta Badia
Tradition Conviviality Flavour Simplicity Harmony Pleasure

“In Ladin, breakfast is called 'gusté'. It is the best time to taste the sweetness of life, it should be enjoyed with joy and gratitude.”