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The enchantment and beauty of an ancient farm in the Dolomites, today. Two women and family hospitality that goes beyond generations.

Alta Badia, Dolomites

Moments of peace

Wellness at the foot of the Dolomites

Apartments with pool in Alta Badia
Finnish sauna
Spa treatment at Lüch de Costa
Jacuzzi Lüch de Costa with Sella view in winter
Spa Lüch de Costa
Outdoor massage

Lüch de Costa is a House that releases beneficial stimulation everywhere. Not only in the apartments with their relaxing views of the Dolomites, but also in the spaces created to make your stay an authentic holiday of calm, peace, and recovery of the energy. Here hospitality rhymes with happiness.

Swimming pool with view of the Sella group

A swimming pool with an amazing view

The indoor pool and outdoor whirlpool are available from morning to evening. Soaking in the pool is something that leaves everyone speechless: imagine yourself relaxing in the pool and watching a natural film called Dolomites on the screen. What a spectacle!

Wellness holidays in Alta Badia

Artful massages and treatments

A cosy and relaxing ambience. A modern design made of precious natural materials that are an invitation to relax. Within these walls, Serena offers and proposes a wide range of massages and treatments, both traditional and innovative, dedicated to the wellbeing of guests who. The massage centre is equipped with two cabins and each type of product is personally and carefully selected by Serena and Ingrid.

Hay sauna - Lüch de Costa

Hay sauna

The hay sauna combines the benefits of the Finnish sauna with the active ingredients and essential oils of herbs from the pastures of Alta Badia. Gentler than the traditional sauna due to its lower temperatures, the hay sauna brings a purifying and deep cleansing sensation.

Finnish sauna - Lüch de Costa

Finnish sauna

The classic Finnish sauna helps the body eliminate toxins, relax muscles and relieve joints. The muscles relax, the skin is deeply cleansed and toxins are eliminated. Stress and tension dissipate in this warm embrace.

Infrared sauna - Lüch de Costa

Infrared sauna

A true relief for mind and body, the infrared sauna provides the same benefits as a traditional sauna. The action of infrared rays raises the body temperature and gives an immediate feeling of well-being. In the infrared sauna, the body eliminates toxins, contracted muscles relax, annoying aches and pains caused by arthritis or rheumatism. Stress becomes just a bad memory.

Turkish bath - Lüch de Costa

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath brings benefits to the entire organism thanks to its curative effect. It is very suitable for those suffering from respiratory tract diseases. Thanks to its relaxing and invigorating properties, it is one of the best therapies to combat stress and tension.

Rest in the wellness area of the Lüch de Costa in the Dolomites
Harmony of the relax room in Lüch de Costa
Cosmetic products from Lüch de Costa
Relax room wellness area Lüch de Costa in Colfosco
Wellness in Alta Badia during the winter
Relaxation loungers in Lüch de Costa
Rest Harmony Healing Balance Serenity Peace

“There is a close relationship between travelling and massage. It is through travelling that I realised how much the world needs a good massage. Every guest is unique and special, so it is my duty to give them a moment of relaxation.”