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The enchantment and beauty of an ancient farm in the Dolomites, today. Two women and family hospitality that goes beyond generations.

Alta Badia, Dolomites

Stories from Colfosco

Friends of the House

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Lüch de Costa is a chest full of treasures. We speak about gifts and objects that have contributed to make our House so special, becoming part of our being. They come from people we love, who have created small and large masterpieces with their skilful hands.

Anecdotes, memories, stories…

Costa in Pills
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Luisa, the seamstress

Luisa is a dear friend of the family, and over the years she has created many dresses from Lederhosen to Dirndli.

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Dan, the carpenter

Dan makes small custom-made items for the House. All the wooden decorations you will see are therefore unique pieces.

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Ferdinand and the trees

Ferdinand is another long-time friend. Also a carpenter, he participated in the creation of the new House with flair and creativity.

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Dario, Martina, oil and salt

Dario and Martina are our Slovenian relatives and live right in front of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, where they also work.

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“I like working at Lüch de Costa. It's nice to interact with so many smiling people who have so many good stories to tell.”