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The enchantment and beauty of an ancient farm in the Dolomites, today. Two women and family hospitality that goes beyond generations.

Alta Badia, Dolomites

Within our walls

A House made of people

The people of Lüch de Costa

The people who work in the House are genuine, present, loving and special. They really love their work and their guests. Would you like to get to know them?


Ingrid, the Queen of the House

Ingrid is the one who runs the House with love and dedication. In her free time, she visits artisans not only from the valley, but from all over the world, in search of unique pieces to be placed everywhere. Or she gathers herbs and flowers for decorations, and it is always she who artfully prepares traditional dishes: turtres, cajincí arstis, cajincí t'ega for everyone. What goodness.


Irmgard, the history of the House

Irmgard is Ingrid's mother and Gottfried's wife. In short, she is the history of the House. Today, as soon as she can, she goes up to the Gardena Pass to pick herbs, which she uses to create delicious schnapps and herbal teas, and with the fruit from the garden, she makes apple pies and jams from currants and cranberries. A spectacle!

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The family of the Lüch de Costa
Outdoor Massage in Alta Badia
The paintings of the Lüch de Costa
Love at Lüch de Costa in the Dolomites
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All for one.

Among the co-workers who make the House alive and welcoming, a unique and harmonious melody is created.

There are those who in tidying, cleaning, caring and making the House welcoming are true masters. There are those who have superpowers in their hands, capable of regenerating tired bodies and minds. 

There are those who take care of the breakfasts with maniacal care. There are those who have a masterful talent for fresh fruit drinks: if you are in the mood for sublime smoothies, ask for them flavoured with Gewürztraminer, as there is always someone ready to delight you.

And then there are those who, if something breaks down, are immediately ready to intervene, and those who always greet their guests with a smile, and always with a smile answer e-mails even if they cannot be seen. 

But we all lend a hand, because good hospitality comes from sharing and not from exclusion. That is how we are and how we work for you.

Would you like to work with us? We are always looking for enthusiastic people.

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“There is a close relationship between travelling and massage. It is through travelling that I realised how much the world needs a good massage. Every guest is unique and special, so it is my duty to give them a moment of relaxation.”