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The enchantment and beauty of an ancient farm in the Dolomites, today. Two women and family hospitality that goes beyond generations.

Alta Badia, Dolomites

Our farmstead

A love story

Wedding in Colfosco
Boutique Residence in Alta Badia
Lüch de Costa family photo
Lüch de Costa Alta Badia in winter
The paintings of the Lüch de Costa
Irmgard with daughters
Luxury Apartments Residence Lüch de Costa
Tradition at Lüch de Costa
Decorations Lüch de Costa
Vintage skiers in the Dolomites
Vintage skiers in the Dolomites
Colfosco in Alta Badia in the 19th century
Historical photos of little girls
Husband and wife, historical photo
Homemade tea
Family Lüch de Costa in Colfosco
Luch de Costa 2018 25
Lüch de Costa below Sassongher in the snow-capped Dolomites
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The history of our House has deep roots, which are nourished by the love that lives within its walls.

Colfosco in Alta Badia in the 19th century
Women in Colfosco in the 19th century

The House through time

Until the 1950s, tourism in the valley was almost non-existent. The Ladins are almost all farmers. A hard life full of poverty and hardship, one gets by following the rhythm of the seasons. After the Second World War, something begins to change. And so it was that Irmgard's family built one of the first hotels in Colfosco, the Hotel Centrale, in 1950. In one room, there is the first television of the area. The hotel became the meeting place for all the villagers. It is here that Irmgard meets Gottfried.

Wedding in Alta Badia in 900

The two marry with clear ideas: to create the first ski lifts in Colfosco. And where better to house the workers than on the old Lüch de Costa farm above the village? Gottfried takes care of the ski lifts, a true pioneer of snow tourism, and Irmgard takes care of the house, preparing excellent Ladin cuisine with tutres and cajincí for everyone. The workers settle everywhere, in the cellar, in the living room and in every small space available.

Luxury chalet in the mountains

The House today

The years pass and things inevitably change. The ski lifts evolve, the family grows and the old house, after having been inhabited by six generations, shows signs of collapse. When Irmgard and Gottfried's daughter Ingrid is presented the chance to take over the house, she doesn't think twice. She rolls up her sleeves and transforms it into what it is today, a small hospitality centre made up of charming apartments, a small tavern with stube and a wellness area with a massage and treatment centre.

AM Luch De Costa2022 62

In doing so, she traces the history of her entire family, going in search of heirlooms and objects used in everyday farm life, making them the protagonists of this mountain home. And in today's luxury reverberates a feeling that takes you back in time.

View from Lüch de Costa to the Sella Group
Lüch de Costa in Colfosco during the summer
Lüch de Costa in Colfosco during Winter
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A farmstead with a view

A beautiful house inside and out. The view of the Sella Group is truly enchanting: an authentic castle of rocks, spires and Dolomite towers of incomparable splendour. From each apartment you can admire a magnificent landscape. Not forgetting that the house is a ten-minute walk from the centre of Colfosco and is located on the panoramic walk from the village towards Corvara. A spectacle.

“The farm is part of me. Within these walls I have found my vocation, which is genuine hospitality.”